Whether you are a beginner looking to get some qualifications to support your hobby, a professional seeking qualifications to underpin your experience, or a home schooling parent looking for a calm, supportive environment to capture and validate your child’s learning, Enter Education has everything you need.

We make learning fun and engaging for students through individual tutoring, enabling each student to succeed at the highest level, whether hey are aiming for academic success, or the achievement of personal goals.

On our courses, your child has access to all the same exam board resources as any school, so they will not lose out on getting the right information and guidance.

Our courses are effective and have an excellent track record of success for private, external and Home Study candidates.

We offer a wide range of formal and more informal courses designed to allow your child to achieve and succeed in ways that are important to them.

We have courses available in:
BTEC Performing Arts
Private Music Tuition

Courses are located in our own creative learning hub, The Enter Centre.

The Enter Centre is an approved centre for multiple examination boards (including AQA, Edexcel, Arts Award, LAMDA, London College of Music and much more), offering a wide range of examinations, certifications, qualifications and awards. It is a creative hub for obtaining both qualifications and relevant soft skills, including:

  • Communication skills through the spoken word.
  • Develop an appreciation of literature, poetry and drama.
  • Develop imagination and creative-thinking skills.
  • Refine technical skills and artistry.
  • Confidence in a wide number of situations.

If you want more information, call us on 01740 655437.

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